No wine tonight

So I have have been in a blah mood, craving the dreaded wine.  But instead I opted for these😜. I may have a sugar hangover tomorrow but at least is not a boozing one, btw I’m gross!!!😂😂

Day 43; The sun needs to @#%&*!! come out!!!

I think my wanting to cave in on this no-wine thing  and obsess about wanting to drink is because of the gloomy grey days that have been settling here day after day.  It’s cold, damp and blah.  And that is sooooooooo not good for me.  I am definitely one of those people affected by the weather.  Days like this zap the energy, enthusiasm and motivation right out of me.  Boredom sets in.  I can’t get my butt to the gym.  Sleep is my activity of choice.  And that is bad.  The combo of no wine and gloomy days…yeah 😖. So, I’m thinking energy drinks may need to be consumed. I was at a customers office yesterday and someone told me about these “fizz” drinks that provide a boost of energy.  They are actually called Zipfizz.  I have never been an energy drink “drinker”. But maybe it’s time.  Well at least for a time!   Never had Red Bull or Monster.  I would love to hear from y’all about your energy drink experience….the good, the bad, the ugly and of course your brand choice👍. Thanks!

Day 41 😳

I don’t feel it’s getting any easier. As a matter of fact,  I am thinking more about wine now. I miss it.  I’m planning a party and a cruise and I am having a hard time thinking I will not be able to have wine.  Ugh. Stressing out. Not good. Nothing helping. #craving #caving😩

No politics please

Alert..if your recovery blogs becomes a politic outlet you don’t belong here.  I can say and debate on a lot of the nonsense with facts.  But I am here for my recovery not rhetoric. Day 39😊🇺🇸

Day 35 & 36…Hard & Carbs

Ok the last two days have been so hard.  Hard to get out of bed, Hard to get anything done, Hard to work out, Hard to not want wine, Hard to be positive, Hard to have energy, Hard to eat right.  Ugh😩. So all I have mustered to do is eat all sorts of crappy CARBS…chips, pretzels, ice cream, pasta, pizza, crumpets, french fries and now I feel blah and meh😕. So why now??  Is it my body going through continued change since sans wine!!?? Is it because for an entire week  I worked out and ate right??God forbid my body said lol! And it’s not PMS lol!  Please God🙏🏻 help me tomorrow get my butt in gear, get energy, and abstain from wine and BAD CARBS😜😜. Any suggestions from my fellow sober(ish) bloggers would love to hear from you😊👍

Day 34 (810hrs)

Feels like 30 years without wine😩. Oh well,  I guess I better get used to it.  No hangovers, no regrets, no shame, no guilt, healthier liver, healthier life, etc. yeah I can get used to that😊

Day 26 Doing it!

Yep, I did it again and twice today. The gym!!🎉. I went this morning after kids went to school and then this evening with my son. He is 15 and took up to working out about 6 months ago. He is very disciplined. So finally because I don’t partake in the 5:00pm let’s open the 🍷 anymore I can partake in spending time with my son. Although he’s about the weights, me the fat burn cardio lol!  So happy not to be drinking. I have my moments for sure. But this is better 😊

Day 24…I want wine (screaming in my head)

Ugh…had my first dream where I was drinking wine.  And oh my it was delicious.  It was so vivid.  So of course all day all I could think about was that crisp, fruity Sauvignon Blanc I drank in my dream.  Of course in my dream after I had the first glass I filled a second one.  I looked at it and said”what am I doing, I quit.  So I disposed of it and then woke up.  

Ive been snowed in for 2 days.  Been lazy and eating too much.  Not an ounce of exercise….ugh.  But not an ounce of wine.  So I guess I’m WINNING!  I realized most of my wine drinking is definitely out of boredom.  And definitely because it taste good.  Oh well😜.  Need to go to gym even though I don’t want to.  I will do it tomorrow.  I can do! Just do it!

Day 18…

Whew!!  2017 been busy already.  Cleaning, de-cluttering, organizing, laundry galore, researching healthy recipes, dusting off the exercise bike, food shopping and listening to a podcast while doing it!  Preparing meals and…I’m shot😜 but sober😊. Now I have paused for a moment to enjoy a cappuccino made with my Nespresso.  But this whole process is like Ground Hog day.  It sucks when you organize the pantry, cabinets, kids closet/dressers and within a week the other family members “unorganize” them…grrr.  Drives me nuts. The good thing for me.. because I’m not drinking wine I can be on these”rascals” and make sure they are not messing up my hard work haha. They might like it better when I was “wine-ing” it.