Day 26 Doing it!

Yep, I did it again and twice today. The gym!!🎉. I went this morning after kids went to school and then this evening with my son. He is 15 and took up to working out about 6 months ago. He is very disciplined. So finally because I don’t partake in the 5:00pm let’s open the 🍷 anymore I can partake in spending time with my son. Although he’s about the weights, me the fat burn cardio lol!  So happy not to be drinking. I have my moments for sure. But this is better 😊

6 thoughts on “Day 26 Doing it!

  1. Fantastic! Rewiring your brain by changing your daily habit is a poweful tool in the fight against alcohol. Eventually your brain will not even think about alcohol at 5.00, it will think Gym time xxx

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