Day 35 & 36…Hard & Carbs

Ok the last two days have been so hard.  Hard to get out of bed, Hard to get anything done, Hard to work out, Hard to not want wine, Hard to be positive, Hard to have energy, Hard to eat right.  Ugh😩. So all I have mustered to do is eat all sorts of crappy CARBS…chips, pretzels, ice cream, pasta, pizza, crumpets, french fries and now I feel blah and meh😕. So why now??  Is it my body going through continued change since sans wine!!?? Is it because for an entire week  I worked out and ate right??God forbid my body said lol! And it’s not PMS lol!  Please God🙏🏻 help me tomorrow get my butt in gear, get energy, and abstain from wine and BAD CARBS😜😜. Any suggestions from my fellow sober(ish) bloggers would love to hear from you😊👍

12 thoughts on “Day 35 & 36…Hard & Carbs

  1. I personally don’t think you should be so hard on yourself, especially in those early days. I basically ate whatever I want and splurged on non alcoholic drinks for the first eight weeks of sobriety. It has balanced out now. I am eating better and the non alcoholic drinks have gone. Do whatever you have to do to get through. Be kind.

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  2. I crave and eat all those things you just said too, AND cheese!! God I’m hungry now lol. Just try and eat little bits of the things too crave at least, instead of the whole bag of BBQ lay chips like me ha! 🤣. Can’t have just one though right?!

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  3. This week has been hard for me too. Doing what I don’t want to do-like yard and house work has helped me. I also totally agree with the Paws thing. That’s what I’m chalking up my week too. Our brains are healing!!! 😍 Hang in there!


  4. I was reading this and thinking, ME, ME and ME!!! OMG, it’s nice to know I’m not crazy. Couldn’t decide where my crazy sugar cravings were coming from but for now I’m not beating myself up anymore about them!!!

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  5. Sugar cravings were insane for me – still are! I just ate whatever my body wanted and stocked up on a ton of different fun drinks (I never knew there were so many different types of root beers!) Staying alcohol free was the main priority, I can work on my weight in time.


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