Day 41 ๐Ÿ˜ณ

I don’t feel it’s getting any easier. As a matter of fact,  I am thinking more about wine now. I miss it.  I’m planning a party and a cruise and I am having a hard time thinking I will not be able to have wine.  Ugh. Stressing out. Not good. Nothing helping. #craving #caving๐Ÿ˜ฉ

15 thoughts on “Day 41 ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  1. What are you missing about wine? I’m sorry it’s a struggle for you right now, but try to remember the reasons you stopped drinking, and know your argument with yourself. Stay strong! You don’t want to ruin your trip with a guilty hangover!!

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    1. Thank you. I keep reminding myself and rereading my blog posts…the reason I blogged this journey to remind me why I decided to stop drinking. What I miss about wine is the taste. And I know that is not reason enough to throw in the towel๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Try not to think of the future, just today, and each day think about how you will feel in the morning. That crushing sadness and disappointment that you gave in and got drunk. Cos let’s face it, even if it’s just one glass now, 3 or 4 weeks down the line you probably will be back where you started x


  3. Have you read ‘This Naked Mind’ by Annie Grace? It changes your whole perspective on alcohol. If you are missing it that much then perhaps read her book. 2 months into her sobriety she did a little experiment. She bought wine and closed herself in a room alone with no distractions. No TV or anything. She recorded herself. This just confirmed to her that consuming alcohol isn’t pleasurable, its the associations that we have with it that creates the illusion of pleasure. Check out her book. Maybe do the experiment yourself. There is nothing worse than the mind-set craving something you so desperately want then not allowing yourself to have it. That is not sustainable at all. After reading her book I genuinely donโ€™t crave alcohol at all. NOT at all. The slip I had last year was due to a traumatic event and I can tell you with hand on my heart it didnโ€™t help at all. xxx

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  4. Have you gone to AA? It might be worth just trying a meeting and see what you hear.
    They will have meeting on the cruise as well.

    Grief in early sobriety is a real thing. I know I had to mourn the familiarity of alcohol. I was scared that life would be boring and flat. I didn’t want things to change. I was scared of a sober life….but I was also scared that if I continued to drink I might die. I was just so sad and disappointed in myself.

    It turned out that fear was unfounded. My sober life is so much brighter and fulfilling than anything booze gave me. But it took time to see that. And in that time things were sometime really hard.

    That’s why it is worth it.

    Keep going. You deserve it.

    I just got off a cruise and I missed nothing staying sober. It was awesome.

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    1. Thank you for such a wonderful response. I’ve been to AA but honestly did not feel it was a good fit for me. I was reading the big book and I think I need to just get back into reading and keeping myself focused. I am going through that phase of thinking life is flat and boring without it for sure


  5. Congrats on 41 days ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
    It is really hard at the beginning (still has been up to my 93 days actually), but if it’s “just the taste” you’re missing then go out and buy yourself a shit load of interesting, different drinks. Start experimenting with different mocktails. I found that my local grocery stores sell some pretty interesting drinks in the natural foods / health food section of all places and I bought a huge variety of different ones. I know what you mean about missing the taste and for me it was that and also just the whole experience of just sitting down and enjoying a glass of wine. There were days where I’d feel like having a grown up temper tantrum “I don’t want any stupid tea or stupid hot chocolate. Go shove your 7-up and water and pepsi and whatever else” lol. I found a couple of different mocktail recipes that I really liked and then I tried to retrain my brain to look forward to THOSE when I got home. I faked excitement and then it got to the point that I actually was excited to get home and make them, or try a new type of drink that I had picked up on the weekend.
    I’m currently planning a trip to Vegas a few months from now. It will be my first ever sober trip to Vegas (I’ve been there many times), and I’m not sure what to think of that! I’m sure that my trip and your cruise are going to be awesome though, and I bet we both have some really great memories from them (cause we’ll actually be able to REMEMBER everything! yah!)
    Can’t wait to see you posting that you’ve reached 50 days! You’ve got this!

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  6. I did cave. Girl it’s not worth it. You have come so far. Do we really miss the taste, or is it the experience we miss? I also enjoy the taste, but I don’t think that’s what returns me to the bottle. I know that I don’t enjoy the buzz anymore. I damn sure don’t enjoy the day after. What do you enjoy about being sober? Are you willing to trade that for a hangover? Lol. I don’t know. I’m trying to figure it all out myself. Good job for coming this far.

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