Day 58..Sober but not Sexy

Now that I am not glugging wine multiple days out of the week I thought I would have dropped some weight.  NOT.  I really am a creature of habit.  I drank too much..habit and now I eat too much, specifically sweets and carbs…habit.  

I use to be fit and fabulous.  Now I’m fat and frumpy. This needs to change. I know it is going to take effort and constant vigilance. The same thing it takes to be sober.  Either way both bad habits involve indulging. Self control and discipline is what it will take.  I know I have it in me.  I have proven that the last 58 days.  So since counting/numbers seems to be a theme I’m going to try the 21 day fix. Wish me luck!!😜

Day 50..woo hoo!!

I honestly did not think I would make it to day 50. But I did and I am so proud of myself..(patting myself on the back).  The things that have helped me get to this milestone are,

-the wonderful support of my husband,

-my training wheels anatabuse,

-this blog that I re-read regularly to remind myself why I decided to take this journey,

-the stories and  support of the other bloggers

-my new love for pastries (hehe),

-and of course my Lord and Savior, Jesus  Christ