Day 50..woo hoo!!

I honestly did not think I would make it to day 50. But I did and I am so proud of myself..(patting myself on the back).  The things that have helped me get to this milestone are,

-the wonderful support of my husband,

-my training wheels anatabuse,

-this blog that I re-read regularly to remind myself why I decided to take this journey,

-the stories and  support of the other bloggers

-my new love for pastries (hehe),

-and of course my Lord and Savior, Jesus  Christ

12 thoughts on “Day 50..woo hoo!!

  1. Very proud of you. It is great watching your journey. I think antabuse is a great tool and more people should use it. I am thinking of one woman in particular who opens and shuts her blog on a regular basis…..

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    1. Yes. I agree. And I know who you are talking about and I was really hoping she would have gotten my hints about it. She would definitely benefit from anatabuse. Sometimes you need a little more help in the early stages. I am so thankful for it. I mean seriously, what’s worse to take a drug for a little while to prevent drinking or continue on the downward spiral of alcoholism…hmmm🤔

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